Representative Engagements

Examples of how we help intellectual property owners

A multinational management consulting, technical services and outsourcing company retained KLG to evaluate their IP Protection and Enforcement strategies and recommend enhancements. We evaluated their existing IP policies and practices, interviewed decision makers in each business group, and met with the IP professionals that lead their existing protection and enforcement efforts. Based on this input, we evaluated the effectiveness of their existing policies and practices and recommended changes to both save money and improve the effectiveness of their activities. We helped the company’s business leaders understand the role of IP protection and helped them implement our recommendations.

A technology services and data storage software company retained KLG to assist it with existing enforcement litigation. Our effectiveness led it to expand our retention to evaluate their current protection and enforcement program and recommend changes that would help it better achieve its goal of developing, protecting and enforcing a “best in class” technology portfolio for their business niche.

A fast growing security, risk management, and consulting services business retained KLG to understand their need for an IP Protection and Enforcement plan and help them implement it. We met with the senior leaders and hands‐on developers to understand what their objectives were and assess their IP needs. We developed recommendations based on our analysis and the company created its IP Protection and Enforcement program based on our presentation.

A global marketing execution firm employing over 1,500 people and serving Fortune 500 companies retained KLG to assist with a specific litigation matter but later sought our expertise to evaluate and recommend enhancements to its existing IP Protection and Enforcement program.

A global electronics company sued for U.S. patent infringement retained KLG to perform an independent review of possible non-infringement and invalidity positions, to prepare an objective written opinion supporting a conclusion of non-infringement and invalidity, and to prepare for deposition and trial testimony.

A small company making specialized vehicular technology holding a leadership position in its field sought KLG’s assistance to identify and protect its intellectual property assets. The scope of the work included meeting with key business and technical personnel to identify the core technologies of the company, and to leave them with a working understanding of how to move forward with protection of new technologies. KLG prioritized patent application filings based on the company’s business needs and current legal developments and identified options for qualified outside counsel. We continue to assist with oversight of all its IP related endeavors.

A multinational firm specializing in optics retained KLG to review its in house IP procurement and enforcement processes. KLG met with key personnel to understand the business objectives, reviewed procedures and recommended changes to ensure that patent applications drafted and filed were in line with business objectives. KLG also recommended enforcement strategies in line with stated business goals, which typically involved stopping infringers first and collecting potential royalties second. These recommendations were adopted and have produced results aligned to business objectives at reduced costs. KLG also assisted in identifying qualified outside counsel for patent enforcement.


Examples of how we help intellectual property professionals

Trial counsel in a multiparty patent litigation retained us to advise them on trial and negotiating strategy. In less than thirty hours of our time we helped them revamp their arguments and trial plan leading to a successful settlement with one defendant and an improved case against the other.

Appellate counsel asked us to review briefs and assist preparing for oral argument.

Litigation counsel requested our help to sort through a thorny conflicts issue that could lead to disqualification of opposing counsel, and to strategize on how best to handle presenting the issues before the court.

Contingent fee counsel asked for our help in addressing its client’s decision to accept a competing firm’s offer to take over the case at lower cost after considerable preparation and filings had been invested in the case. We also assisted counsel in securing litigation financing on favorable terms that allowed them to match the competing firm’s offer.

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