About Krupka Law Group

Who we are
We are trusted advisors with over 70 years of combined legal, business and engineering experience. We have deep familiarity with the complex issues facing owners of intellectual property and those who represent them in organizing, managing, and enforcing that intellectual property.

What we do
We provide objective, practical advice and solutions regarding intellectual property strategy, operations, procurement, and protection. We help owners of intellectual property logically, successfully, and economically
  • analyze their needs, opportunities, and goals,
  • assess their intellectual property’s strength and value,
  • determine whether they have freedom to operate or risk patent infringement,
  • implement stress‐tested intellectual property strategies,
  • procure, manage and monetize sensible portfolios,
  • select, organize, and manage professionals to meet their needs,
  • enforce and resolve disputes concerning intellectual property, and
  • manage litigation and appeals.
We also help IP professionals evaluate and implement successful strategies in litigation and licensing.

How we’re different
As trusted advisors, we help our clients achieve their goals by providing experience-based solutions. Having retired from large firms, we focused our practice on what we enjoy - helping businesses and their professionals thrive. We are not seeking to enlarge our firm and have no other lawyers to support. Frankly, we find it interesting and rewarding to work with smart people and to be part of their IP solutions. Clients come to us knowing that we provide candid advice and oversight with no ongoing expectations; they count on us to provide objective views and guidance to meet their goals.